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Companies who offer high-quality products of services pay special attention to the similarly refined image. An elegant name badge with an exposed company logo, your name or function will highlight your professional look and facilitate your contacts with customers, partners and other business players. Classic name badges of varnished jewellery metal, very popular in Europe, are the incarnation of style, inventiveness and panache. The unique composition of "high looking steel" modern technology and individually tailored layout make the Classic name badges captivating, light, easy to wear and extremely practical.
We can render any graphical layout you choose, with the use of the full colour gamut.
Shapes available:

  • oval: 59 x 34 
  • rectangular: 70 x 25    
  • rectangular: 60 x 18,5
Using a magnetic fastening instead of a safety pin or popper guarantees keeping your clothes intact.
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