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For years we have been specializing in popular Europe-wide name badges. We are ready to provide you with the result of our experience and the cutting-edge laser technology enabling to transfer a full-coloured computer overprint onto specially prepared brushed aluminium or jewellery metal.
SkytowerSky Tower is a pioneering development undertaking not only in Wroc³aw, but in the whole Poland.more...
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A stylish name badge with your name, function and company logo highlighted is an important component of your business image. Emphasizing your professionalism it facilitates your contacts with customers, partners and other stakeholders. It is a perfect tool supporting you in building relations, both within the company and during trade meetings, conferences, training courses and seminars, catalyzing communication and emphasizing your corporate adherence.


Informational plates are a stylish signing solution of modern curved shape. A modularized design allows for a fast, simple assembly and virtually unlimited extending.
A wide portfolio of finishing elements complements plates' eye-catching appearance.
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There are situations when you need to provide your employees with proper emblems that will distinguish them. Company logo tabs with a magnetic fastening for every occasion.

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